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Denmark has left Iraq

Did we win ?
Iraqian child -------- The Danish Primeminister Anders Fogh -------- A foreign soldier and an Iraqian citizen
Photo collage by erik kaagaard
1. august 2007
SHAME ---------- SHAME --------- SHAME
Status year 2006: During the invasion of Iraq 400.000 civilians are killed, 12.000 Iraq police officers have lost their lives. Families to 3000 young american soldiers will never again become a smile or a hug from their boy. Number of civilian killed and hurt we don't like to talke about, but they are extremly high. And Mr. Bush is still going for revence after november 11, 2001. Many people is going to be killed in year 2007. Iraq is fighting for their own freedom. Please STOP killing people mr. Bush.
Again in 2006 we have seen disrespect for UN resolutions, disrespect for human rights, disrespect for international conventions, disrespect for religions, disrespect for democracy. And we have seen dirty national and international political games in the name of peace, democracy, human rights and god. And the result is an escalating war.
SHAME ---------- SHAME --------- SHAME