Walkthrough 1 - written by Viper, found on escapetheroom.blogspot.com

Click on the well
Click on coin located on the left ledge of the well
Just to the left of the well and very small is a hook
Click back to the main screen
Click on the sky
Click to the right lower half of the chimney, see 1st bird
Click on the stone down left of the well
Left and a little up from the stone is some string
Click to the right of the stone, but still on it and you go behind the stone
Take key
Go back to main screen
Click on the left most building’s ledge, see 2nd bird
Go back to main screen and go to Amory
Click on door and look at base of staircase at small cabinet door
Open doors and get screwdriver
Click on sad clown looking man
Notice the position of the packman like buttons
Go up stairs and look to the right of the column and get cloth
Go downstairs then click on office area to the right
Click on area to the right of the window where it looks like the wallpaper is rolling down
Click in the light part of the chimney area to see 3rd bird
Click back to original screen
Click on Book House
Just to the right is an opening, click it
Get lighter
Go in Book House into elevator
Go to floor 1
Click on house picture
Click to the right to see something behind picture
Take scroll
Click back to close up of picture
Click to the right of the chimney where it looks like a string is there
See 4th Bird
Click back to larger view of floor
Click to the right and collect book
Go to floor -3
Turn around
Go towards black passage
Collect round pie shaped piece
Go back in elevator to floor -2
Click to the right of the damaged light switch to get puzzle
Put packman looking pieces in same order as clown picture in armory
Collect triangle piece
Go to the right where the scissor and rock are
Click on rock and put scroll under it
Rock breaks to reveal square piece
Go back to elevator and go to floor -1
Click to the right where the bookshelves are
Click on book with the small dot fourth shelf down quarter over from right
See 5th bird
Take elevator back to 0 floor and go to main screen
Combine screwdriver and cloth
Combine string and hook
Click on sewer grate above the well
Use hook/string in sewer,
Get round piece
Click back to main screen
Click on passage
Click passage again and see hole branching from grate
Put screwdriver with cloth in hole
Light with lighter
Give coin to man
He gives you Square holed piece and takes torch
Click back to main screen
Click on Armory
Click close up on missing round piece to left of door
Place round piece in slot
Click in Armory and go to top floor revealing an L shaped piece
Go downstairs
Go through door to basement
Go to the left of the hooks revealing a sink and a scary bearded man
Give the book to the man and he starts to read and a reverse L shape falls out
Click on sink and use hook and string to fetch key
Click back to main screen
Click on city hall
Go in and click on back most left door
Click top right to view long chimney type area
Click on nest to see 6th bird
Click back to hallway with all doors
Click above wooden plank at top
Click to the right part between wood planks in the middle to reveal 7th bird
Go back to main hallway
Click on second door on right
Click on box to right of the desk on the floor
Use key to open box
Get U shaped piece
Go back to hallway
Click on middle of screen by railing
Go to the left
Go downstairs
Go downstairs again
Click on top of circle
Click on right circle
See 8th bird
Click back to circle
Go right see machine
Click on left part of banister
See 9th bird
Go back to front of city hall
Go left
Go upstairs twice
Open door with key
See chained man
Look out window middle top left in tree
See 10th bird
Go downstairs facing bottom of staircase
Go left and left again
Take golden egg from pedestal
Go back up stairs
Give egg to chained man
He disappears
Go back to city hall
Go down the hallway to the right and place pieces and push buttons
Go back up and to the left and place remaining pieces and push buttons
Go downstairs to big machine
Pull handle
Click on handrail at top of staircase