HTML koder

Code Discription
<!---....---> Comment witch is not visible on the page(the ....'s is were to write)
<A></A> Link to another page
<Address></Address> Places a special format with information about contact and/or author information
<Applet></Applet> Indicates a java applet
<Area> Information about coords to a link on a client-side image map
<B></B> Boltic text
<BIG></BIG> BIG text
<Blockquote></Blockquote> Write text as a quotation
<Body></Body> The visible part of the document
<BR> Line breake
<Button></Button> Creates a button
<Caption></Caption> This tag displays the table caption
<Center></Center> Centers a part of the document
<Cite></Cite> A citation
<Code></Code> A fragment of computer code
<Colgroup></Colgroup> Defines a colum group
<DD></DD> Difinition description used in a Defination List(DL)
<Del></Del> Displays text witch have been deleted from a previous version of the document
<Dir></Dir> Creates a directory list
<DL></DL> Creates a defination list
<DT></DT> The label used within a DL(difination list)
<EM></EM> Emphasis
<Font></Font> Defines the look of the text
<Form></Form> Creates a form
<Frame></Frame> Defines content of a single frame (normaly used within the
<Frameset></Frameset> Controls the layout of frames in the main window
<H1></H1> 1st heading(the biggest)
<H2></H2> 2nd heading
<H3></H3> 3rd heading
<H4></H4> 4th heading
<H5></H5> 5th heading
<H6></H6> 6th heading
<Head></Head> Tag used to tell information about the page but also used to contain scripts and styles
<HR>< Creates a line to seperate parts of the document
<HTML></HTML> The start and end tag of every webpage(almost).
<I></I> Italic text
<Img> Places a image in the document
<Input> Defines controls used in a form
<Ins></Ins> Displays text witch have been inserted from a previous version of the document
<Isindex></Isindex> Inserts a singel-line text input control
<KBD></KBD> displays text a user would enter from a keyboard
<Label></Label> Labels a control of a form
<Li></Li> Places a little dot in front of a list item
<Link> Links to another document(mostly *.css documents)
<Map></Map> Creates a client-side image map
<Menu></Menu> Creates a menu list
<Meta> Contains informaiton about the page like keywords etc.
<Noframes></Noframes> This part of a document is used when the browser doesn't support frames
<Noscript></Noscript> Same as above just with javascripts/vbscripts
<Object></Object> External object like a java applet or other external application
<Ol></Ol> Creates a ordered list
<Option></Option> A option in a <Select> element
<P></P> A paragraph. You don't have to use the </P> if you don't want a double linebreake in the end
<Pre></Pre> Preformated text
<S></S> Strikethrough text
<Samp></Samp> Identifies and displays samples from scripts, program or another external function
<Script></Script> Places a script (like javascript, VBscript or so) into the document
<Select></Select> Creates a menu list using the <Option> tags
<Small></Small> Small text
<Span></Span> creates userdefined inline structure to the document
<Strike></Strike> Strikethrough text
<Strong></Strong> Bigger text
<Style></Style> Creates a style sheet in a document
<Sub></Sub> Smaller text than the surrounding text
<Sup></Sup> Larger text than the surrounding text
<Table></Table> Creates a table
<TBody></TBody> Groups rows into a table body
<TD></TD> Specifies a table cell's data
<Textarea></Textarea> Creates a text field
<TFoot></TFoot> Groups rows into a table footer
<TH></TH> Spicifies a table cell with information
<THead></THead> Groups rows into a table header
<Title></Title> Spicifies the title of the document
<TR></TR> Creates a row of table cells in the <Table> tag
<TT></TT> Teletype text
<U></U> Underscored text
<UL></UL> Creates an unordered list
<Var></Var> Displays a variable