How to solve the SAMOROST game:
(for cheaters only)

Level 0: Uh-Oh!
1. click on dome to launch rocket

Level 1: Hookah Man
1. click on hookah to smoke pipe
2. click on hookah to try to smoke empty pipe
3. click on slack line to re-string it
4. click on hookah s handle to unlock box
5. click on red button atop box to bring up skier
6. click on direction sign twice to point left
7. click these two places in rapid succession:
- on farmer blocking skier to send him away
- on skier to ski-jump off to the next level

Level 2: Fishing pool
1. click on float to catch fish
2. click on each lizard (6) to throw them off cliff
3. click on buzzard to send him and protagonist to next level

Level 3: Cliff Top
1. click on large pulley 4 times to move limb as far as possible to left
2. click on lower knothole to fertilize tree limb
3. click on upper knothole to pollinate flowers
4. click on upper knothole to install light bulb
5. click on button (center screen) to raise elevator
6. click on elevator door button to open door
7. click on protagonist to take elevator to next level

Level 4: Hung On Tree Limb
1. click on each worm to feed woodpecker
2. click on center knothole to show phonograph
3. click on red phonograph knob to turn phonograph on
4. click on record twice to play owl s wake-up
5. click on owl 4 times to shake elevator off limb

Level 5: Elevator Bottom
1. click on elevator door button to release protagonist
2. click on lever to send ants to anteater
3. wait until anteater reaches for eat to ant, then click on power plant door to bring protagonist up stairs
4. click on switchbox twice to open it and enlarge it
5. click on switches, to match color patter on door and thus open door:
- top right
- all 3 in bottom row
6. click on door opening to enter power plant

Level 6: In the Power Plant
1. click on red dot to turn on light (duhh)
2. click on top button of left switchbox twice to raise dial pointer to 50
3. click on middle button of left switchbox to raise ladder
4. click on valve handle (top right) to complete mission

Thanks to the unknown author.